Press Release

BusinessWare Consulting
merges with Open Systems, Inc. and becomes the New York Regional Office of Open Systems, Inc. as of July 1, 2014.

  exclusive focus is to provide expert technology services and tailored solutions to small and mid-sized businesses and organizations. We can assemble project specific teams that bring the appropriate advanced skills to bear, in order to provide the most effective solution possible. We have a wide range of specialties that can meet the needs of almost any business.
BusinessWare Consulting is located at Waterville, NY in central New York State.

For more information see our Overview page.

Our Business Applications expertise includes Accounting, Financial, Inventory Control, Distribution and Office Automation. We are an authorized partner/reseller and an authorized training, support and customization provider for Open Systems Inc., an industry leader in the mid-market. We can tailor a TRAVERSE ERP or Accounting solution that fits your business or organization, without forcing your business to fit the solution. We can meet the needs of businesses ranging in size from a couple of users, to client/server solutions supporting hundreds of users spread across multiple locations.

Industries with specialized needs, including municipal, manufacturing, construction, and service, fall under our Vertical Solutions division. We have specialized skills and software products uniquely positioned for your industry. We can demonstrate how one of our vertical solutions can produce results several times better than a generic solution. Our years of experience in these industries allow us to implement and support your installation without having to waste your valuable time asking questions about how your industry operates. All of our vertical solutions can be customized to address any specific needs of your business or organization.

Local and Wide Area Networking, Servers, and Operating Systems are all more than the sum of their parts when effectively implemented. We understand that these items are much more than boxes simply to be plugged in. Whether you want a reliable outsourcing partner to allow you to focus on your core business or organization, or want a single solution provider who can meet all of your needs without worrying about incompatibilities or finger pointing, we can meet the challenge. We will help you make choices that are not only cost effective in the short term, but with full consideration of ongoing service, support and upgrade costs to make sure it's still a wise decision years from now.