What is OSAS Web B2B?

OSAS Web B2B is an Internet interface to certain OSAS data. OSAS Web B2B uses HTML and standard CGI to provide these functions on your web page:
  • Customer Lookup
  • Sales Order Status Lookup
  • Customer History Lookup
  • Inventory Item Lookup
  • Sales Order Entry
  • Through these functions, you control which data is accessible and which customers have access to the data. You can also set up master passwords to give your sales reps access to the data of all customers.

    Here are sample web pages from OSAS Web B2B Order Lookup and Order Entry:

    What other applications do I need to use OSAS Web B2B?

    To use OSAS Web B2B you must have the OSAS Accounts Receivable application installed. We recommend that you also have the Sales Order and Inventory applications installed. They are required for certain functions (such as Item Lookup or Sales Order Entry).

    What else do I need to use OSAS Web B2B?

    You must have a web address on the Internet and a web server.

    The ideal solution is to set up your web server on a computer on your premises. This can be a computer specifically used as your web server or on a computer used for other purposes as well. Having your web server on-site makes it easier to update your data files on the web and in OSAS itself.

    You can also maintain your web server remotely using an Internet Service Provider. However, to use OSAS Web B2B, your web server must use some executable programs (such as the BBx interpreter). Some Internet Service Providers will allow such programs on their systems and others will not. If you intend to use a provider, check with them before installing OSAS Web B2B.