Keep tight control over your company’s cash; manage capital wisely

You want to make the most of your company's money. OPEN SYSTEMS® Accounting Software (OSAS) Bank Reconciliation application helps you do just that by streamlining and improving the reconciliation of bank statements with general ledger bank accounts. Bank Reconciliation makes important updates to OSAS General Ledger and receives timely entries from the other applications. You'll know which checks have cleared, which items are outstanding, which bank accounts contain what amounts, and exactly where your money is.

Improve your process of reconciling bank statements with General Ledger transactions. You'll have accurate information on which funds are available. Find errors and record differences between your books and the bank easily. You'll have the flexibility to post adjustments such as finance charges, service charges, and interest income to any general ledger period. When you're reconciling, you can display a running balance of adjustments and offsetting entries for quick review.

You'll be able to use accurate information about your resources to make the best decisions about day-to-day business operations. You can use the OSAS GENERAL Report Writer application to help make the most of Bank Reconciliation information. Create custom reports and transfer data to productivity tools such as word processors, spreadsheets, and database managers.

Easily review outstanding bank balances while you tag cleared transactions.