Employers save time and productivity; employees have choices and flexibility

It's payday. Are your employees spending their day watching the clock and worrying about getting their paychecks to the bank on time? Does the lunch hour get stretched because they're waiting in a bank line? Direct Deposit, a Payroll companion module from OPEN SYSTEMSŪ Accounting Software (OSASŪ), makes life a whole lot easier. Give your employees another benefit: peace of mind. They'll know that their paychecks will be deposited directly to their bank account. And, you'll get more productivity on payday.

Employees no longer need to run to the bank to deposit their paychecks. It's handled quickly and efficiently through Payroll; even manual checks can be direct deposited. As a result, you'll see better productivity since employees will be able to focus on their job on payday; no worrying about getting to the bank over the lunch hour.

You can give employees the choice of whether or not to participate. They can also choose to have a portion of their pay deposited to their accounts and receive the remainder as a live check, and they may elect to split deposit amounts between six different bank accounts in up to six different banks.

You may choose to split the deposits by an amount or a percentage. Deposits can be split between six different bank accounts in up to six different banks.