Produce meaningful reports quickly and easily

Generate timely, meaningful reports quickly and easily with this powerful OPEN SYSTEMSŪ Accounting Software (OSAS) report-writing system. You can perform sort, select, format, subtotal, and process control functions by using keywords, the building blocks that enable GENERAL Report Writer to create sophisticated reports. With full access to all your data files, GENERAL Report Writer can help you sort and analyze your information in almost unlimited ways.

You'll be able to gain control of your data to assess and analyze all aspects of your business. Combine and sort information from any of your OSAS applications into unique reports and compare the information.

Quickly access information with the LIST and PROMPT modes. You can create an instant report with LIST and highlight any file names, field names, or keywords using full-screen pick and point; your report is printed or displayed immediately. Use the PROMPT mode to easily recall,modify, or copy reports.

Built-in flexibility allows you to easily create custom reports; define your own formats using custom headers and footers. Add any number of data fields in any order and sort on any field or combination of fields. You can also adjust field spacing, stack multiple lines of output, or adjust page dimensions.

Choose the files you want to work with; pick and choose the fields you want to put on the report.