Payroll management made easy

There is more to processing payroll than printing checks. You need to maintain detailed records with clear audit trails, track sick and vacation days, keep up to date with tax law changes, and meet government reporting requirements. OPEN SYSTEMS® Accounting Software (OSAS) Payroll application can handle it all. It also enables you to analyze payroll expenses and employee productivity, as well as control costs and review expense distribution.

You can produce detailed reports to help you plan and generate a budget. Manage your expenses efficiently by tracking FUTA, SUI, Medicare, and Social Security, as well as earnings by department. You decide whether to calculate scheduled deductions as a fixed amount, a percentage of gross pay, an hourly rate, or a declining balance.

You can easily produce W-2s—printed on forms, mailers, or stored on magnetic media to meet federal requirements. When you subscribe to the Open Systems Maintenance Program for Payroll with State Tax Option, you'll receive updates to federal and state income tax tables.

You have the option of manually entering checks for employees.