Providing the power to make everyday operations a snap

Resource Manager is required with all OPEN SYSTEMS® Accounting Software (OSAS®) applications. It provides you with simple, trouble-free installation and integration. Resource Manager includes general system services and utilities that help eliminate the need for entering intricate operating system commands, thus reducing the chance of error.

You can keep everyday operations running smoothly with Resource Manager utilities. You'll be able to use Workstation Configuration Maintenance to define system devices, set up screen colors and function keys, and establish defaults for each workstation—all to your specific needs. You determine how to track company information with Company Setup. This includes maintenance of critical information by company and for multiple companies, creating and converting data files, setting up access codes for data security, and tailoring your menus.

The Executive Information Summary capabilities of Resource Manager give you the ability to consolidate, calculate, and display summary information based on data from other OSAS applications. You can quickly pull facts from any of these applications or vertical software modules. Compare information across departments, companies, years, quarters, days, or even hours and minutes.

Resource Manager also offers a print management tool for OSAS called Print Manager. It lets you save your reports to a file and print them later, giving you a complete report library. You can also keep track of where users are in the system and the last menu option they used, especially during posting and backup procedures.