A Multidimensional Reporting Tool

Organizations tend to grow and prosper as they gain a better understanding of their environment. Advanced Information Analyst helps you understand increasingly complex problems in a fast-paced business atmosphere, taking your TRAVERSE accounting data and turning it into powerful information to help you make better, mission critical decisions.

Advanced Information Analyst uses the latest online analytical processing (OLAP) technology to produce reports and graphs that afford a new level of insight. OLAP enables you to easily and selectively extract and view data from different points of view. You can analyze data by interacting directly with it rather than by viewing static paper reports. Get fast answers to questions such as: Are our sales promotions working? Are we attracting new customers? Are we managing our inventory properly? Advanced Information Analyst allows you to visualize your business information in charts, decomposition trees, perspective views, or grids for easy comprehension.

The Decomposition Chart gives decision makers the power to visually decompose information along any dimension to easily expose complex business relationships.