Manage your cash, know your customers, analyze performance and trends

TRAVERSE® provides the features you want and the tools you need to run your business more effectively. TRAVERSE is based on the award-winning OPEN SYSTEMS® Accounting Software feature set, and like OSAS, source code is available so you can customize the software to meet your unique needs. TRAVERSE was developed with Microsoft Access® and Visual Basic™, so the user benefits from a seamless interface to other Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and Mail as well as HTML language for the Internet. Working with the tools you're already familiar with makes training a breeze!

Accounts Receivable offers multilingual and multicurrency capabilities. You can use a mouse and/or a keyboard for navigation and data entry, and you can customize by user which fields to stop at on data entry screens. Historical information for an unlimited number of years can be viewed in detail or summary.

There are other advantages to working with a product developed with Access. Its built-in intelligence senses what you want to do and produces the results you're looking for. Routine tasks become automatic; complex jobs become less complex. TRAVERSE manages your financial information quickly, easily, and effectively by using the Rushmore™ Technology and OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) found in Access.

TRAVERSE provides fast customer lookup with a single mouse click.