Bus Service Enhancements to TRAVERSE® Service Director

- Estimate support. Work Order estimates may be created, and an estimate (quote) printed. Later the estimate can be converted into a work order.

- Multiple dispatches with different billing types (a dispatch is basically a mini work order) allow flexibility in mixing warranty and billable work on the same vehicle, same work order.

- Billing Type enhancements to include warranty and company vehicle work orders, with correct defaulting of prices.

- Third Party billing support – allows you to bill part or all of a work order to a manufacturer or to a different customer.

- Select vehicles by body # or customer unit ID. Other searches are available from F2 search window.

- Add the “Create PO Req” button (similar to the sales order screen) to the work order screen, so PO requisitions can be created quickly as needed during parts entry.

- Quantity committing to inventory. Parts placed on the order as needed parts but not yet issued are committed in inventory.

- Move part/labor function allows parts/labor lines to be moved between dispatches.

- Labor entry adds book time, actual time, and billable time to better track different billing situations.

- Improved work order form, invoice form, and reprint work order from history functions. Includes vehicle information in header, and can optionally show price or cost on the work order form.

Vehicle Master Screen, Summarized List Mode