Make sound management decisions, meet government reporting requirements, save time.

You need to analyze the tax and cash-flow implications of assets before you acquire them. Once you have them, you need to track their valuation and depreciation. TRAVERSE Fixed Assets gives you the power to do just that. It will help you make wise decisions about when to buy, when to lease, and how to manage your capital for maximum return. You'll also have the full range of financial and managemenent reports you need to manage your investments and meet tax reporting requirements.

TRAVERSE Fixed Assets is based on the award-winning feature set of OPEN SYSTEMSŪ Accounting Software (OSAS). It was developed with Access, a true 32-bit database with a multi-tasking/threading architecture. This gives you the capability for Internet/Intranet access and provides a seamless interface to Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and Mail.

With TRAVERSE Fixed Assets, you'll have the forecasting tools you need to evaluate leases, amortize loans, and experiment with depreciation strategies before you make a capital commitment. Keep an eye on your depreciation options with four depreciation books that let you track four sets of depreciation information. You can also retire assets at any time. Track the difference between estimated depreciable and actual service life and calculate the cost or proceeds from the retirement of an asset.

You'll stay up to date with tax law changes. Fixed Assets provides a set of IRS-supplied depreciation tables and supports MACRS, ACRS, straight line, sum-of-the-year digits, and declining balance recovery methods. Flexible tables help you make changes easily to stay current with tax laws.

The Depreciation Comparison report helps you compare any two depreciation books - Tax Value, Book Value, Alternative Minimum Tax or Other.