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TRAVERSE® opens the door to a world of flexibility and productivity. The General Ledger module lets you report, compare, and analyze key information and statements - critical to your company's success.

TRAVERSE is based on the award-winning OPEN SYSTEMS® Accounting Software feature set. Since it was developed with Microsoft Access® and Visual Basic™, TRAVERSE also provides a seamless interface to other Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and Mail as well as HTML language for the Internet. You can export reports - including headings, data and formulas - with just a click! And training is easy because you're working with tools you're already familiar with. The simple design philosophy of Access makes it easy to use for everyone, from beginner to expert. TRAVERSE and Access team up to get you from where you are to where you need to be.

TRAVERSE General Ledger provides 30-character account masks and 7 user-defined segments. You can have 367 periods per year open and maintain history for an unlimited number of years. You can even use the multilingual capabilities of TRAVERSE to do international reporting; work and report in the language of choice and switch between installed language sets at will. Like all Open Systems products, source code is available.

Customize your GL accounts while tracking years of account balances.