Make a positive impact on your bottom line.

You need to track every aspect of your inventory. You need to know what you have in stock, how much it's worth, and where it's located. You can do it with TRAVERSE® Inventory application. It has the same award-winning feature set found in OPEN SYSTEMS® Accounting Software, plus the power of Microsoft Access®, Visual Basic™ a seamless interface to otyher Microsoft Office products; and multilingual/multicurrency capabilities. Organizations running Windows 95, Windows NT, and other leading systems will benefit from the great array of features TRAVERSE offers.

TRAVERSE lets you closely monitor inventory movements by tracking detailed inventory history; then, use the Inventory Movement Report to identify your best products and to understand their purchase/sales cycles. You can even spot seasonal demand patterns. The Valuation Report summarizes the value of the items you have on hand and the profit on items sold during the year. With TRAVERSE Inventory, you'll be able to make informed buying and selling decisions, improve customer service, and save money. Like all Open Systems products, source code is available.

You'll have quick, easy access to detailed information about your inventory items from the Inventory Item maintenance screen.