A complete set of tools to define how and what you do

The labor, machinery, and tooling elements of manufacturing can be as crucial as the component materials you use. These are the elements that can cause production to come to a crawl and cause costs to far exceed projections. The TRAVERSE Routing and Resources application provides the functionality to define these important pieces of your manufacturing software solution.

Working with the Bill of Materials module, the Routing and Resources application defines the elements such as work centers, labor, machinery, and tooling. In terms of costs and times, these elements make up the process side of the manufacturing bill of materials.

By breaking down the process in the labor types, machine groups, and tooling, Routing and Resources enables you to define operations as a combination of these elements. Routings are then created as a set of step-by-step operations and can be used in the Bill of Materials application without needing to be recreated every time.

The system allows for the definition of queue time, setup time, run time, wait time and move times. All times are defined in terms of seconds, minutes, or hours. Overlap logic is used to determine the rate of pass-through. Flexible costing algorithms can be set up for labor and machinery. Overhead methods can be unique for each work center.

Routing and Resources also provides a sophisticated base for future customization with a comprehensive tooling database, labor and machinery pricing algorithms, and a complete shop calendar feature.

From Tooling to Labor, the Routing and Resources module is flexible enough to grow with your company.