You only need Windows to run it; you only need Access to modify it.

TRAVERSE® gives you flexibility, customization, and a full complement of tools - available with source code. TRAVERSE runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows NT®. System Manager contains the same award-winning features found in OPEN SYSTEMS® Accounting Software, and it also provides features such as multilingual and multicurrency capabilities. Users can choose either keyboard or point-and-click navigation or both. And, it's easy to move and merge information.

TRAVERSE gives you the tools you're already familiar with and provides a seamless interface to Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, and Mail as well as HTML language for the Internet. TRAVERSE was developed with Microsoft Access®, Visual Basic™ and SQL Server 7.0, the most powerful databases available. Access has a simple design philosophy, so it is easy to use for everyone - regardless of the level of expertise. SQL Server integrates with the BackOffice family of products, including Exchange and Internet Information Server.

TRAVERSE manages your financial information quickly, easily, and effectively by using the Rushmore™ Technology and OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) found in Access. You can do quick sorts on any field in ascending or descending order with just one mouse click! Use the ODBC drivers supplied with Access, which let you connect to databases such as Oracle®, INFORMIX®, and others; import, export, or attach the information in these databases. TRAVERSE provides password protection by application, menu, function, and database objects. You'll also find table-driven international and industry specific language sets, and such individual workstation options as keyboard controls, toolbars, and language sets.

Quick, easy option and detail setup of information about your company.