Order entry, picking, tracking, billing ... and beyond

TRAVERSEŽ Sales Order application offers a host of features to improve your efficiency and increase your flexibility.

Sales Order helps you keep your customers happy by handling their orders promptly and correctly. Remaining inventory balances appear on the screen. Backorder information is right at your fingertips so you'll know exactly what's ordered and when it will ship. And, you can print an online invoice or picking slip with just a click.

With TRAVERSE Sales Order, you'll have quick lookup based on customer or transaction. You can enter, edit, and view invoices from a single screen, and you'll have access to all Accounts Receivable reports and inquiries. In addition, Sales Order provides the option for two-way split commissions and multiple tax locations per tax group.

Add, change, or delete codes for your general ledger distribution accounts or set up a selection of different receivable accounts. These general ledger accounts are used when transactions are posted for the customer. Sales Order provides the capability to assign distribution codes to customers when you set up customer records; then when you post transactions that involve the customers, transaction information moves directly to the accounts you specify for the associated distribution code.

Enter transactions more efficiently by setting custom tab stops on fields that are frequently used.