Payroll Year End Checklist

____ 1. Backup data files

____ 2. Post the payroll checks for the last payroll cycle of the year.

____ 3. Print the following quarterly reports:

  • Earnings and Deductions Report
  • Employer's Tax Report
  • Sick Leave and Vacation Report
  • Withholding Report
  • State Unemployment Report
  • Department History Report
  • Transaction History Report
  • 941 Worksheet
  • Check History Report
____ 4. (OPTIONAL) Print any additional reports or have them saved to a file.

____ 5. Backup data files.

____ 6. Open Server Manager, now expand (+) the company list, expand Applications and right click on PA. Select Add Payroll Year. Add the “New Year” you are going into and copy from the year you are coming from. Adding the new year does the following:
  • Year to date buckets for all employees are cleared out.
  • Terminated employees are deleted.
NOTE: Any company specific formulas and formula tables are copied to the new year.
NOTE: For versions earlier than 10.x you must use the “Add Payroll Year” function from the Periodic Processing menu.

____ 7. Change payroll years using the Change Payroll Year function on the Periodic Processing menu to switch to your new year.

____ 8. Delete outdated recurring entries using the Purge Recurring Entries on the Periodic Processing menu.

____ 9. Consolidate sick and vacation balance records using the Roll Up Leave Balance function on the Periodic Processing menu.

____ 10. If you elected to have the system accrue vacation and sick hours, switch to the New Year files by selecting Change Payroll Year in the Periodic Processing menu. If you want to clear vacation and sick leave for the start of your new year, select Clear Sick and Vacation Hours on the Periodic Processing menu. Otherwise, manually update sick and vacation hours in the New Year using the Leave Adjustments function on the Periodic Processing menu.

____ 11. Update the federal, state, and local tax tables and formulas in the New Year, if necessary. Subscribing to the Continuous Enhancement Subscription ensures that you are always up to date. Contact your reseller to obtain the latest version of our state and federal tax routines.

____ 12. Make sure you are in your new year. Select Change Payroll Year in the Periodic Processing menu to see what year appears in the box. If the New Year does not default into the box, select the new year and change to your New Year, uncheck the box for this workstation only to change all workstations to the new year.

____ 13. When you are ready to prepare W-2 forms, change years to the prior year using Change Payroll Year on the Periodic Processing menu, do not check the box to change for all workstations, to prepare W-2 forms for last year.

____ 14. Prepare W-2 forms. Select Prepare W-2 Forms from the Quarter/Year-End Reports menu.

____ 15. Print the W-2 forms.

____ 16. Create your W-2 magnetic media file by selecting Create W-2 Magnetic Media from the Quarter/Year End Reports menu, if required by the IRS.

____ 17. Output your Magnetic Media file to a disk using the W-2 Forms function in the Quarter/Year End Reports menu, and select Magnetic Media in the Output section.

____ 18. Delete last year files if desired using the Purge Years function in Server Manager. Purge prior years by opening Server Manager, expand the company database, expand Applications, expand PA and right click on the payroll year you want to delete and select Delete Year.

____ 19. Switch back to your current year using Change Payroll Year on the Periodic Processing menu to process payroll in your current year.