Streamlining your company's sales and inventory.

TRAVERSE Point of Sale (POS) is a computerized retail management system that combines a user-friendly interface with exceptional speed and flexibility. It is integrated with TRAVERSE Sales Order for a fast, efficient means of entering sales and controlling inventory. TRAVERSE POS enables your computer to operate as a cash register, offering far more capabilities than a traditional register. And, it's much easier to use.

TRAVERSE POS is the perfect solution to improve the profitability of your business. It provides streamlined transaction entry and the ability to quickly locate information through robust reporting and lookup functions. You'll be able to capture complete transaction details at the "point of sale"; transaction history and real-time database records are stored indefinitely, so your valuable data is always just a keystroke away.

When trying to locate a customer or an inventory item, simply type the first few letters of the name you are trying to locate. TRAVERSE POS instantly brings you to the correct place in the list, even if you have thousands of names to search through. Inventory items can be found by scanning with a barcode reader or by typing in the description. TRAVERSE Point of Sale also lets you look up your inventory by typing the vendor SKU, product code, or a "preferred name."

You can scan or enter the inventory numbers for the items you are selling. Enter the customer name and address as well as the payment for the transaction.